Defective or non-compliant product or service?

When a defective or non-compliant product or service is delivered, the contract is often “rescinded” too quickly. There are exceptions but, as a general rule, a specific notice of default …Read MoreRead More

An application was recently filed with the European trademark office EUIPO for a stylized figurative mark of a rabbit for clothing and sex toys. Mercis, the company that owns the …Read MoreRead More

Trademark infringement or common practice in paint industry?

A certain paint manufacturer develops, produces and sells paints, including under its own well-known Sigma brand. The other party is an interior designer who has also developed a paint line …Read MoreRead More

Notice period of a distribution agreement

A wholesaler selling clothing of the French fashion brand Kookai left Kookai’s invoices unpaid, after which Kookai stopped selling and delivering the clothes. In the proceedings, the wholesaler claimed that …Read MoreRead More

The automotive is changing its distribution model

Well-known car brands such as Ford, Volvo, Mercedes and Stellantis (collaboration of Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot) are moving from appointing cardealers to agents in Europe, or at least that is …Read MoreRead More

Use some one else’s trademark in your domainname?

That this  –  under specifice circumstances –  is allowed, is once again confirmed by the District Court of The Hague, Netherlands on August 17, 2022. The Dutch plaintiff has the domain …Read MoreRead More

Distribution agreement or (successive) purchase agreements?

That the difference is important, is shown by the ruling of the Provisional Judge dated June 14, 2022 of the District Court of North Holland. The court stated that the qualification …Read MoreRead More

The Dutch Franchise Act: amend existing agreements before 1 January 2023!

A number of provisions of the Dutch Franchise Act took effect immediately on 1 January 2021. The other provisions must be fully implemented as of 1 January 2023 in the …Read MoreRead More

New EU rules for distribution agreements per June 1, 2022

The European rules for distribution agreements and online platforms have been modernized. On 1 June 2022, a new block exemption regulation for vertical agreements entered into force. This concerns the …Read MoreRead More

Another dispute between former trading partners

In the ruling of the District Court of The Hague dated April 19, 2022, we are again dealing with a dispute between two former trading partners. Spyra is engaged in the …Read MoreRead More